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Get to know the Hazibag Australia team.

Under Ken’s leadership direction and focus the Hazibag Australia team is set out to achieve excellence in all areas of operation, meet the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

We could see that asbestos and other form’s of hazardous waste was not being contained, transported and delivered to the landfill’s in a safe manner.

We then approached the Australian Government on the idea of Hazibag. They could see the issue’s and we were put in contact with Work Cover NSW and Qld Work Place Health and Safety. This was great for then we had the opportunity to develop hazibag to the satisfaction of the main body’s that monitor and control hazardous waste.

It still took us two years to develop to everyone’s satisfaction and have hazibag certified in Australia.

Hazibag was introduced to the market at the Sydney Safety in Action Expo in November 2011. Since then we have won a number of award’s including runner up of the Innovation Award at the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo held at Darling Harbor Sydney in 2102.

We now have distributors through out Australia and supply to council’s, government contractor’s, asbestos trade company’s, demolition company’s, shipping trade, and of course to the DIY market to name a few.  We have major distributors in the U.K. Under hazibageurope the distributor being Windsor Waste, they also supply stock into Portugal,Finland and Norway, our other major distributor is in New Zealand registered under Hazibag NZ Ltd.

We are still only a young company but have gone a long way in a short time. We are still looking at way’s to improve and devalope new product’s and we have a number of new test bag’s with the Australian Testing Authority at present that look very existing.

Asbestos and other form’s of hazardous waste is a huge problem in most country’s.  We could see that it is not being rapped and contained properly on the work site and when in transport.  Asbestos is not being delivered to the council land fill sites in a safe manner. The possible exposure to the public, to the personnel on the work site and council staff at the land fill sites was not safe. The way that asbestos and other hazardous waste is being handled today is not working, this is why we designed Hazibag ,,, a much ease and safer method.

  • Hazibag hold’s Public Liability and Product Insurance in Australia and World Wide.
  • Hazibag has QR Information and Tracking Code System.
  • Hazibag is a flexible intermediate bulk container tested under UN recommendations for the transport and containment on ‘Packing Group II & III ” solid dangerous goods.
  • Hazibag has an internal sealable bladder and an outer skin to securely contain asbestos and other forms of solid dangerous goods. Once used and sealed hazibag is eliminating the possibility of accidental exposure to any person present on site, during loading, transporting or at landfills when unloading.
  • Asbestos is classed as a hazardous waste, Hazibag carries much higher certification than this. It really is a safer method to contain, transport and deliver to the land fills than that is being done today.
  • Hazibag having ” Packing Group II & III ” cert’s for D.G’s it is being used for not just asbestos , we supply to company’s for the containment of contaminated soil, toxic wood’s and plant’s, in mining, emergency services, council’s, forest dep, demolition company’s, skip bin industry, asbestos trade, and there is a huge DIY market.


Ken Webb


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