Certified for all “Packing Group III” Solid Dangerous Goods

  • Made of grade 5 Polypropylene.
  • Has a 200 micron liner.
  • Fully sealable / lockable top.
  • Durable / Stand alone construction.
  • Certified to transport without a steel container bin. No time restraints.
  • Wide range of waste products the bags can be used for.
  • Compact / Supplied in carry-bag.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Identifiable colour.
  • Safest means for reducing asbestos exposure.
  • Perfect for contaminated equipment
  • UV rated.
  • Certified lifting device with 6:1 SWL factor.
  • Hazibag is environmentally friendly; Gives out no harmful emissions when incinerated
  • Hazibag is designed to be buried keeping the asbestos contained, making it clearly identifiable if it is ever dug up.